About Oakleys


Oakleys Groundcare is the department within Oakleys Group that is focused on looking after customers of whom require commercial and professional equipment as well as the associated levels of backup and service.

We are main dealers for Toro, Kubota, Trimax, Scag, Mcconell, Amazone, Husqvarna and DW Tomlin. And as a main dealer we are required by these manufacturers to employ a fully trained team of engineers, parts specialist and sales staff. Of which we do, and have done for many years.


For golf, commercial and professional customers.


For home and small businesses.


For golf buggies and utility vehicles.

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Whether it is a small pedestrian lawnmower, a ride on lawnmower, a mulching mower, a chainsaw, a strimmer, a hedge cutter or whether it's a large fairway or fine turf mower, a utility vehicle, a compact tractor, a wood chipper, sports turf machinery, a golf buggy, or landscaping equipment, Oakley's carry the leading brands for the widest range of machines to suit individual needs across the Midlands and Mid-Wales.

Oakleys is a family run business whose beginnings stemmed from supplying and supporting agricultural machinery back in the 1950’s.


Since then the business has reshaped itself to become a main dealer for selling top brands for horticultural machinery and golf buggies in both the commercial and domestic markets. We are based in Shropshire but we move machines as far and wide as the Welsh coast to the M1.

As well as having ‘strong foundations’, we employ more than 25 well trained members of staff to help ensure that we provide the best quality of service and at the right price.

So that our various types of customers get the correct attention from the correct members of our staff, we have segregated the company into the following divisions

The majority of our business is focused on supplying and providing service for local authorities, golf courses and groundcare maintenance contractors. Yet we also do a lot of work with other businesses and organisations such as caravan parks, The National Trust, schools, sports clubs and large landowners.

This well earnt and collective experience has given us the ability to ensure that our customers are sold or hired the right kit, looked after correctly following the sale, and all at competitive prices.

To fulfil our customer’s requirements, we have staff dedicated towards providing their services in the following 4 departments…

Professional Equipment

If you are looking to buy a new or used machine then you have come to the right place. Our sales team will quickly assess your needs and point you towards the equipment that will offer you the best results for the lowest price.


If you just need a machine on a temporary basis then you have come to the right place. A simple walk behind more, a 24hp tractor or a specialist aerator, no matter what the situation is, it is likely that we’ll have something that will help you get the job done! 


All machines must be looked after correctly in order to prolong their life and thus giving the user the best return on investment. We employ 9 factory trained engineers and a full time delivery driver to ensure that our customers machines are kept working and for a longer period of time.


We recognise that machine down time is expensive for the owner. And this is why we have a fully stocked and functioning warehouse to ensure that our customer’s machines get the parts that they need as quickly as possible.  

We supply high quality genuine parts for most makes and models of machines. Do you need a part? Then please do get in touch…