“I believe we can save downtime and therefore money by having our cylinders ground and our machines serviced on site in accordance with a predetermined planned schedule”.

Mr Martin Jones, Course Manager, Bridgnorth Golf Club

“To get optimum use of each of my machine’s cylinders, I get the Oakley’s Groundcare mobile grinding service in only when they need sharpening. This is not necessarily when the winter service comes round”.

Mr Mike Evans, Course Manager, Hill Valley Golf and Country Hotel

“Cylinder grinding on our premises gives us peace of mind in that the machine will have minimum downtime whether it’s a repair or complete sharpening thats needed”.

Mr Paul Hyde, Course Manager, Hawkstone Park Golf and Country Hotel

Demo day everyday at Oakley's

We have a special grass field is now set aside where you can test drive lawnmowers and garden machinery.

Why Cylinder Mowers are worth it?

Cylinder mowers are unique because the blades spin around and use a shearing action to cut the grass between two blades. The scissoring action of a cylinder mower helps ensure a clean cut, and is generally healthier for the lawn. An advantage of cylinder mowers is the ability to cut very short without loss of cut quality.


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Reelmaster 3555-D

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Reelmaster 3100-D

The Reel master 3100-D cylinder mower features Toro’s renowned Dual Precision Adjustment (DPA) cutting units. The ingenious one-click dial of the DPA cutting unit allows users to adjust and hold the bed knife in exact increments for an unrivalled quality and consistency of cut and a sharp edge for longer, ensuring that each blade of grass is cleanly cut – not torn – to keep the sward green and healthy.

Powered by a three-cylinder Kubota diesel engine, the 3100-D has a patented three-wheel drive system, which provides power to at least two wheels at all times for impressive traction in hilly and wet conditions, plus minimal wheel slip that’s gentle on the turf.

Reelmaster 3550-D

The Toro Reelmaster 3550-D weighs in at just 900kgs – an impressive 15 to 20 percent lighter than comparable models – meaning it floats effortlessly over contours. This machine is kind to turf, fuel-efficient, and economical to run.

Toro has combined the mower’s lightweight build with smooth, turf-friendly tyres, a generous 208cm (82in) cutting width, and a proven power unit. Ideal for links and heathland courses, the 3550-D’s cutting width is complemented by a 7mph (11kmph) mowing speed for fast and effective cutting.

A kit to increase the height of cut is also available, making this mower suitable for sports fields too.


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