“I believe we can save downtime and therefore money by having our cylinders ground and our machines serviced on site in accordance with a predetermined planned schedule”.

Mr Martin Jones, Course Manager, Bridgnorth Golf Club

“To get optimum use of each of my machine’s cylinders, I get the Oakley’s Groundcare mobile grinding service in only when they need sharpening. This is not necessarily when the winter service comes round”.

Mr Mike Evans, Course Manager, Hill Valley Golf and Country Hotel

“Cylinder grinding on our premises gives us peace of mind in that the machine will have minimum downtime whether it’s a repair or complete sharpening thats needed”.

Mr Paul Hyde, Course Manager, Hawkstone Park Golf and Country Hotel

Demo day everyday at Oakley's

We have a special grass field is now set aside where you can test drive lawnmowers and garden machinery.

Power Arms

A specialist Power Arm with an innovative swing-over action, McConnel’s Swing trim comes equipped with a high-performance cutter bar, reach of up to 3.5m, and the freedom to cut on either side of the tractor.

Compact, light and manoeuvrable, the Swingtrim has been created for contractors and local government teams working in the amenities, landscape, and ground-care sectors.


Other Options

Agrint 1.58cm Compact Flail Mower

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Power Arm series 

Offering a choice of reach from 3.4m to 4.8m and deceptively powerful 30hp hydraulics, 30-series Power Arms can be fitted to a wide range of utility vehicles and compact tractors.

The PA3430 and PA4330 can be mounted to the front or rear, while the PA3530 model is front-mounting only. Designed for the landscape, amenities and ground-care sectors, 30-series machines thrive in confined areas, parks and public grounds, and in sites with extensive street furniture.

Compact Flail Mower

The WCF105 Winton 1.05m Compact Flail Mower is perfect for cutting grass and weeds in paddocks. It is also an ideal tractor attachment for cutting between trees in orchards and vineyards. This is due to its narrow design, which increases its manoeuvrability. This style of mower has hammer blades for pasture topping. However, it is light enough to be run by sub-compact tractors with a low horsepower.

The machine has several hammer blades mounted onto a cylindrical rotor. The spirally arranged hammer blades make for an efficient cut. The multiple blade action creates finer cuttings on overgrown areas. It is also better suited to uneven ground types than conventional topper mowers. The mower is belt driven, there are drive belts which give power to the blade rotor shaft.