“I believe we can save downtime and therefore money by having our cylinders ground and our machines serviced on site in accordance with a predetermined planned schedule”.

Mr Martin Jones, Course Manager, Bridgnorth Golf Club

“To get optimum use of each of my machine’s cylinders, I get the Oakley’s Groundcare mobile grinding service in only when they need sharpening. This is not necessarily when the winter service comes round”.

Mr Mike Evans, Course Manager, Hill Valley Golf and Country Hotel

“Cylinder grinding on our premises gives us peace of mind in that the machine will have minimum downtime whether it’s a repair or complete sharpening thats needed”.

Mr Paul Hyde, Course Manager, Hawkstone Park Golf and Country Hotel

Demo day everyday at Oakley's

We have a special grass field is now set aside where you can test drive lawnmowers and garden machinery.


One of the most important considerations when choosing the best mower is the size of the job itself. This is especially true if you will be using your mower for commercial work. You will appreciate the walk behind's agility when mowing around tight areas.


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Dennis FT610
Greensmaster 1026
Dennis G860

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Dennis FT610

The most popular Dennis machine the FT is an interchangeable cassette mower giving options to fit 12 different heads including scarifies, verticutters, brushes, spikers and slitters as well as 5 or 9 blade cutter cassettes with 15 seconds changeover of cassettes. Available as 17" (43cm), 20" (51cm) and 24" (61cm) widths.

Toro GR1021

The Greensmaster 1021 is part of the all-new, re-engineered Greensmaster 1000 series range of fixed-head greens mowers. Designed to eliminate variability in the pedestrian mowing process, the range allows greenkeepers of all sizes and skill levels to work in perfect harmony with their mowers. It's innovative and unique telescoping loop handle and easily adjusted isolation mounts deliver the most consistent quality of cut and playability ever seen.