Equipment Description

BLEC 1.30 METRE STONE BURIER, COMPACT TRACTOR 1.30 METRE STONEBURIER, USED 1.30 METRE PTO DRIVEN STONE BURIER. The BLECAVATOR compact series is designed to carry out a one pass ground preparation process, cultivating down between 10-18cm, pulverising the soil clods, burying stones, overgrowth and debris, screening the soil down to 13mm through the adjustable tines, raking the ground level, compacting the soil, and finish rolling.

Key Information

  • Buries stones, debris and overgrowth
  • Adjustable screening tines 14-56mm spacing
  • Levels,rakes and rolls in one pass
  • Pulverises clods into a fine tilth
  • Packer roll leaves a firm surface
  • Optional quick fit attachment Seed Hopper
  • Designed for tractors 35-90hp
  • Adjustable packer roller to eliminate ridges

Day Rate

£120 + VAT
  • 1 Day Hire

Minimum 3 Days

£108 + VAT
  • Price Per Day

Minimum 5 Days

£96 + VAT
  • Price Per Day

Minimum 10 Days

£90 + VAT
  • Price Per Day