Equipment Description

TC 142T is a high-capacity tractor with integrated collection, equipped with a powerful Husqvarna Series twin cylinder engine with choke less start.

Pedal operated hydrostatic transmission makes driving a pleasure and adjustable sliding seat, step through mounting and dismounting and clear battery charge indicator improve comfort and ease of use.

The spacious integrated collector, featuring robust steel backplate and solid latch system, is easily emptied from the driver’s seat. A wide range of accessories allow year round use.

Key Information

  • Cylinder displacement 656 см³
  • Net power at preset rpm
  • Energy 11.1 kW
  • Cutting width 107 cm
  • Transmission type Hydrostatic

Day Rate

£80 + VAT
  • 1 Day Hire

Minimum 3 Days

£72 + VAT
  • Price Per Day

Minimum 5 Days

£64 + VAT
  • Price Per Day

Minimum 10 Days

£60 + VAT
  • Price Per Day