Equipment Description

The G23 II with its 23.3HP Kubota 3 cylinder ETVCS water-cooled diesel engine, offers exceptional power and efficiency for day long mowing operations.

This cut and collect lawn mower is perfect for mowing and collecting grass, as well as leaving a great finish on large areas of ground.

The G23 II comes with a 48 inch (122cm) cutting width and the 150mm maximum lift height gives excellent ground clearance for climbing obstacles such as curbs.

With the High Dump grass box the G23 II operator is able to dispose cut grass from a height of 193cm.

Standard features include easy to use HST transmission, a top speed of 17kph, as well as full hydrostatic power steering, thus reducing operator fatigue. The G23 is also equipped with differential lock, cruise control and a heavy duty front axle. For added operator comfort and convenience, the G23 II incorporates a high back suspension seat, ergonomic controls and user friendly instrument panel.

Key Information

  • 23 hp diesel engine
  • 48 inch / 122 cm cutting width
  • Max disposal height for collector = 193cm
  • Transmission type Hydrostatic


  • Overall Length = 330 cm
  • Wheel Base = 139 cm
  • Overall Height (with ROPS) = 123 cm
  • Weight = 875 kg
  • Ground Clearance = 17 cm

Day Rate

£140 + VAT
  • 1 Day Hire

Minimum 3 Days

£130 + VAT
  • Price Per Day

Minimum 5 Days

£120 + VAT
  • Price Per Day

Minimum 10 Days

£100 + VAT
  • Price Per Day

Cut and Collect Hire Lawn Mower