Wiedenmann Terra Spike SL6

Needing only an 18hp tractor, it means many ‘hard to access’ areas like tees and greens are no longer off limits. The innovative linkage is clever and helps deliver absolute precision and the cleanest of holes. Tines go down to 210 mm, more than twice the depth of some shallow aerators, making a significant difference for those seeking that extra reach. 

  • Working depth to approx. = 21 cm
  • Working width approx. = 140 cm
  • For tractors from 18 HP
  • QuickSet enables tool free adjustment of both tine depth and heave with settings visible on a large scale
  • QuickChange allows tine heads to be exchanged with only one screw
  • Weight = 470 kg  

Hire Pricing

1 Day +
3 Days +
5 Days +
10 Days +

**With Tractor

Wiedenmann Terra Spike GXi 6
Wiedenmann Terra Spike SL6