“I believe we can save downtime and therefore money by having our cylinders ground and our machines serviced on site in accordance with a predetermined planned schedule”.

Mr Martin Jones, Course Manager, Bridgnorth Golf Club

“To get optimum use of each of my machine’s cylinders, I get the Oakley’s Groundcare mobile grinding service in only when they need sharpening. This is not necessarily when the winter service comes round”.

Mr Mike Evans, Course Manager, Hill Valley Golf and Country Hotel

“Cylinder grinding on our premises gives us peace of mind in that the machine will have minimum downtime whether it’s a repair or complete sharpening thats needed”.

Mr Paul Hyde, Course Manager, Hawkstone Park Golf and Country Hotel

Demo day everyday at Oakley's

We have a special grass field is now set aside where you can test drive lawnmowers and garden machinery.

Why a Rotary Mower?

Rotary mower attachments are designed similarly to household lawnmowers, but bigger. They are best used to clear overgrown grass or brush, fast. Rotary Mower Attachment Heads can slice through brush by sucking it upward and cutting it with horizontally spinning blades


Examples of Rotary Mowers

Groundsmaster 3505
Groundsmaster 7200
Groundsmaster 4500-D

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Groundsmaster 4300-D

The Groundsmaster 4300-D is an excellent machine with an average 5.4 acres (2.2 ha) an hour mowing capacity, and CrossTrax® all wheel drive system, the 4300-D delivers unsurpassed performance and value. Some of the features it includes are the Air-Ride Seat Suspension System Convert the standard seat suspension to air-ride for rough applications to provide more comfortable ride for operators logging long hours in the seat as well as this the Durable Design, Proven rugged frame, drivetrain, and components ensure durability and long life. Heavy-duty welded steel decks and frames provide extra durability and long life.

Groundsmaster 7200

The Groundsmaster® 7200 is a zero turn rotary mower rugged enough to be called a Groundsmaster®. Powerful Kubota® 20.9 kW (28 hp), 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled diesel engines get the job done well. Durable heavy duty 7-gauge welded deck construction and the industry’s toughest spindle assembly provide long life. Use the Groundsmaster® 7200 for more than mowing with the added versatility for removing snow, grooming infields and blowing leaves.

7200 groundsmaster

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