“I believe we can save downtime and therefore money by having our cylinders ground and our machines serviced on site in accordance with a predetermined planned schedule”.

Mr Martin Jones, Course Manager, Bridgnorth Golf Club

“To get optimum use of each of my machine’s cylinders, I get the Oakley’s Groundcare mobile grinding service in only when they need sharpening. This is not necessarily when the winter service comes round”.

Mr Mike Evans, Course Manager, Hill Valley Golf and Country Hotel

“Cylinder grinding on our premises gives us peace of mind in that the machine will have minimum downtime whether it’s a repair or complete sharpening thats needed”.

Mr Paul Hyde, Course Manager, Hawkstone Park Golf and Country Hotel

Demo day everyday at Oakley's

We have a special grass field is now set aside where you can test drive lawnmowers and garden machinery.


We offer a large variety of tractors ranging from 22 to 90hp. Of which can be fitted with either turf or agricultural tyres, as well as ROPS or with a cab. We are proud to offer both budget and premium tractors that are of a high quality and come with preferable warranty terms.

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Farmtrac Compact Tractors are as we consider to be exceptional value for money within the compact tractor marketplace. If you are looking for a reliable and versatile compact tractor, a Farmtrac Compact Tractor will more than meet your requirement and expectations.

The Farmtrac Compact Tractor range offers a variety of models from the compact Atom Series, to the larger Tractor 41-50HD and Tractor 60+ HP model ranges.


The Kioti Company specialise in offering to the UK market Premium quality and high specification, mini, subcompact  and compact Utility tractors that will appeal to Smallholders, private individuals, Contractors landscapers market gardeners, Equestrian and agriculture. The list is endless.

Reliability and customer confidence is key. That is why all tractors are sold with a 5 year 3000 hour warranty as standard with no additional fee to the end user. Terms and conditions obviously apply but the warranty is comprehensive compared to a lot of competitor terms.

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